Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 18

Managing and Presenting Visuals in your Worship Set

Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of Your Visuals Matter! In this installment, we’re talking about managing and presenting visuals in your Worship Set. We dive deep into enhancing your Worship Slides for maximum impact. In the interviews we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of hard drive management, software organization, and media bin structuring.

First up, we’ll explore the intricacies of CCLI, copyrights, and licensing, crucial aspects for any worship presentation setup. Learn the ropes of setting up slides, from selecting motion backgrounds to seamless transitions and more.

Our hosts, Carl, interviews Roberto Lopez, and together they dissect various strategies for managing visuals within presentation software. From organizing media files and folders to choosing the optimal tech setup, they cover it all. Roberto emphasizes the value of meticulous organization, especially within ProPresenter.

Speaking of which, we’re also joined by Steve Dirks, Executive Director at Church Visuals. With his expertise in ProPresenter, Steve assists churches nationwide in elevating their visual presentations. Discover firsthand how Steve and his team cater to custom clients and offer invaluable insights into effective visual storytelling.

Together they shed light on optimizing efficiency and organization in media management for church services. They stress the importance of streamlined systems for accessing and sharing media files, alongside maintaining copyright compliance.

Join us for a comprehensive discussion packed with practical tips and tricks to revolutionize your worship visuals and elevate the overall worship experience.

  • Organizing media files and folders is crucial for efficient workflow and easy access to visuals.
  • When choosing a computer for presentation software, consider factors such as the number of screens, live streaming capabilities, and specific software requirements.
  • Setting up a dedicated computer and site license for presentation software is a worthwhile investment for churches and organizations.
  • Detailed organization of media in ProPresenter, mirroring the folder structure on the hard drive, allows for easy navigation and quick access to visuals. Create an organized system for managing visual media to improve efficiency and accessibility.
  • Organize song and presentation libraries into separate categories to easily locate specific content.
  • Obtain the necessary licenses and permissions to ensure copyright compliance when using visual media.
  • Present visuals in a way that enhances the worship experience and supports the overall message.



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