10 Fun Facts about MediaShout You May Not Know

Aaron West

MediaShout has been serving churches and ministries for over 20 years with amazing presentation tools. The name MediaShout has had its ups and downs over the years, but through God’s blessings we are stronger than ever and serving tens of thousands of churches all over the world. Whether you have been a MediaShout user since day one, or you’ve never previously heard of MediaShout, here are some fun facts that may surprise you:

1. MediaShout was the first dedicated church presentation software – Although PowerPoint (and other similar programs) came before us, MediaShout was the first that was designed specifically with the church in mind and pioneered this industry. The fact that we have always been about the church first helps you know where we are coming from.

2. MediaShout started with the Josh McDowell ministries – Some of the production staff with Josh McDowell ministries were frustrated with the multitude of different technologies they had to use in the late 90’s for media management and display, and they created MediaShout (codenamed ‘Rubric’ before it became a public product) to meet their needs.

3. MediaShout has had numerous secondary and sister products over the yearsShoutSinger and ShoutWriter were actually separate programs for working with MediaShout lyrics and text in early versions. Later products included Shout Music Manager, MediaShout Bridge (a plugin for PowerPoint) and even Funeral Maker Pro (a modified version of MediaShout tailored specifically for funeral homes). And, of course, we are also a sister company to Worship Band in Hand (an app for multi-track audio playback).

4. MediaShout is all over the world – From our best information, MediaShout is used by over 80,000 ministries in 96 countries! It is available in various languages for use by any size church or organization.

5. MediaShout is not just used in the church – Due to its ease of use and configurability, MediaShout is also used in non-church settings. Several law firms use MediaShout in the courtroom (to manage evidence for trials), and there is a travel cooking show who present their live cooking along with produced media without the need for an entire production team. We even heard that one of the largest media companies in the world was using MediaShout in their internal corporate conference calls. (You know, that company commonly associated with a very cheerful mouse!)

6. MediaShout is an innovator – You may not realize it, but a number of features that are now common in many presentation software programs started with MediaShout. Motion backgrounds (V2), Timed Advance (V3), Looping (V4), Dark Theme (V5), Inline Editing (V6), and Sermon Builder (V7) are just a small list of things that MediaShout was the first to do. Many of these things have been implemented in other software programs, and that excites us as we know it is important for users of those programs as well.

7. MediaShout doesn’t work alone – Throughout the history of our software, we have developed integrations with several partners and services to provide churches with a comprehensive suite of tools and features within one program. Those integrations include CCLI SongSelect, Planning Center Online, Dropbox, Google Drive, WorshipTeam, and so many more. In addition, there are new integrations with MediaShout 7 that are in development that no one else is doing yet, and we’re excited to be sharing more info very soon!

8. MediaShout loves to connect with its users – Whether it is by phone, email, chat, Facebook conversations, virtual and on-site trainings, conferences, or just meet-ups, we love to connect with our users and serve them. In fact, our goal is to make sure that each user feels like a unique person getting service that meets their particular situation and needs.

9. MediaShout’s focus is on the small to midsize church – While we certainly offer features that serve the needs of large churches and arena events, our focus is on the small to midsize church. Why? Because that’s where our team serves. We understand and know the challenges facing a single volunteer tech person as well as full-time and part-time tech staff at larger churches. Besides, for every 1 Mega-church there are about 200 smaller churches.

10. MediaShout is more than just software – One of MediaShout’s best attributes actually has nothing to do with the software itself, but is the people behind it. The stories of how God has brought each team member to MediaShout is amazing. And every one of our team members loves the opportunities to encourage and lift up pastors, worship leaders, techs, and volunteers in everything they do. Our heart and passion is to serve you so that you can share the Gospel with your community and across the world!

If you have only heard a little about MediaShout, let me encourage you to take some time and really get to know us. If you’ve used our software before, but you haven’t seen where we are today, please give us a look again. You might be surprised to find a software company that cares more about you than you realize. If you or your ministry has been blessed by MediaShout over the years, we would love to hear how our products or staff have served your needs in the Comments section below. Thanks!


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