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This blog was written and posted with permission from the team at Church Tech Today. Check out what they are doing over at ChurchTechToday.com

Engagement and evangelism can both benefit from these creative video ideas for church.

Digital ministry is so much more than posting a live stream of your Sunday worship service.

#VideoIsTheNewBlack. I can declare to you now, if your church tech ministry isn’t equipped for video production, you’re going to want to consider including it for the first time or increasing it in the next year or two.

If you aren’t producing a variety of video content already, you might wonder just how can video be helpful in your ministry efforts?  What kinds of videos can you record and publish if you’re just used to posting sermon videos typically?

If you want to engage your congregation and reach more people in your own community, you need to get creative with the types of videos you produce. 

Here are 17 ideas for using videos to further your ministry objectives:

1. Testimonials

Feature a member of your congregation sharing their experience of how your church has positively impacted their life.

2. “A Day in the Life”

Follow one of your church staff members or volunteers around for a day to show what they do and why it matters.

3. Interviews

Sit down with someone from your community and have a conversation about faith, life, and your church.

4. Behind-the-scenes

Give viewers a peek into what goes into putting on a worship service or running a church program.

5. How-to’s

Break down complex topics related to faith or Christianity and make them easy to understand with simple, step-by-step instructions.

6. History lessons

Tell the story of how your church started and how it’s evolved over time.


7. “Psalms and hymns”

Set beautiful words to worship music and create mini-music videos that can be used as worship aids or shared on social media.

8. Animations

Bring Bible stories or parables to life with short, engaging animations that will capture the attention of both children and adults alike.

9. Skits

Use humor to relay important messages about faith or Christian living through creative skits performed by members of your congregation.

10. Q&As

Answer common questions about Christianity, the Bible, or theology in a casual Q&A format featuring different members of your church community each week.

11. Dramatizations

Like skits, dramatizations are another way to use humor to communicate messages about faith; however, they tend to be more serious in nature than skits.

12. Documentaries

Explore timely topics related to faith or the Christian way of life and produce long-form documentaries that dive deep into these issues.

13. Podcasts

If you’re not ready to commit to producing videos on a regular basis, consider starting a podcast instead; podcasts are a great way to reach people who prefer audio content over video.  And think short-form podcasting to begin with.  Just as the typical YouTube video sweet spot is 3-6 minutes, can you think of a series of 3-6 minute topics that you can talk about that will help listeners with their own faith?

14. Tips and tricks

Whatever area of expertise your church staff has, share tips and tricks related to that topic in bite-sized video format that viewers can easily digest.

15. Testimonies

If you’re looking for ways to minister beyond your immediate congregation, seek out testimonies from other nonprofits that you have successfully worked with in the past and present.

16. Profiles of ministries

Highlight some of the unique ways that different ministries within your church are serving others in need.

17. Service projects

Encourage viewers to get involved in service projects happening within the church or community by sharing stories about how those projects are making an impact.


This list above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating videos for digital ministry.

By thinking outside the box and getting creative, you can engage your congregation in new and exciting ways while also reaching new people who might not otherwise darken the door of a traditional brick-and-mortar church.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

This blog was written and posted with permission from the team at Church Tech Today. Check out what they are doing over at 


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