Advanced Training for Lyric Operators

Carl Barnhill

Your Lyric Operator is a Worship Leader.


I’ve not only attended, but had a hand in executing hundreds of Worship Experiences in churches of all sizes and denominations. I can tell you first hand, when the lyrics are late or inconsistent on screen its bad. Its just like a Worship Leader that has no clue how to lead the congregation in worship. Your lyric operator, no matter what presentation software you use, is vital to the excellence of your experience.

In coaching these positions with a number of churches – with both staff and volunteers, I’ve found that knowing the basics of your presentation software is extremely important.

I have written extensively on the Role of your ProPresenter or Lyric Operator.

Check out these posts and podcast episodes for more training:

I have also found it to be vital to continue to train your Lyric Operators even after they have mastered the “basics”. Below are the topics in which I cover when training staff and volunteers who are ready for more “advanced” techniques on ProPresenter or any presentation software.

Main Lyric Operator Training Topics:

1. How to edit and delete slides.
2. How to move slides around.
3. Overview of Video/Image Bin and how to pull files in.
4. Transitions and Transition speeds.
5. How to create and edit labels.
6. Explanation of buttons on the toolbar.
7. How to import files.
8. How to apply templates.
9. Anticipation for what’s coming next:
– Knowing when it’s okay to prepare your Director for the next element in the service.
10. General knowledge of alpha and chroma keying.
11. How to create and execute Kid/Nursery Pages/Call-Outs.
12. Knowing Director terminology (ready, cut, fire).
13. Clear Comm etiquette.

TelePrompt Operator Advanced Training Topics:

 1. How to edit and delete slides.
2. How to move slides around.
3. Explanation of buttons on the toolbar.
4. How to import files.
5. How to apply templates.
6. How to set and edit the welcome counter.
7. How to format the stage display.

I hope these lists give you a head start on the topics you could cover during an advanced training with your Lyric Operators.

Remember a couple of things:

1. Your Lyric Operator is a Worship Leader. The more comfortable they feel with their instrument (your presentation software), the more freeing it will be for them to lead the congregation well.

2. Your volunteers are NOT going to understand and feel completely comfortable on your software after only one training or a couple of times running it during a service. Practice, practice, practice and more training makes everyone more at ease.

Treat your Lyric Operators like Worship Leaders.

Give them opportunities to practice their instruments…
Give them opportunities to learn the songs they will play…
Help them go into every Worship Experience with the right heart and spirit…

Knowing they are leading the people in your church to the throne of our great God.

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