Custom Media Roundup: October 28, 2016

Carl Barnhill

Once or month or so, on the blog, we feature some of our favorite Custom Media projects our team at [twelve:thirty]media has produced for churches, ministries and other organizations. This week, we feature a selection of sermon bumpers, song videos, and other content we’ve produced for some of our partners.

Let us know what you like! Feel free to share these videos online, comment, or e-mail us ([email protected]) with any suggestions or thoughts you have on our work. We would love to produce custom media for your next sermon series or event.

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1. TABLE TALK: Sermon Bumper

This bumper was produced for our friends at Browncroft Community Church in Rochester, NY.

2. HOW TO RUIN YOUR LIFE: Sermon Bumper

This bumper was produced in partnership with our friends at The Church at Chapelhill in Atlanta, GA.


This intro to a kids segment was produced for Mooblio, Inc. – a partner that creates Children’s Ministry curriculum for churches around the world. We produce content for churches to use with with kids and student ministries.

4. SEEDS OF CHRISTMAS: Live Event Promo

We produced this promo lyric video for Seeds Family Worship. With the release of their new Christmas project “Seeds of Christmas”, team will travel across the country in a new, interactive event. Check out the promo below.

5. IN THE MIDDLE: Sermon Bumper

Another Sermon Bumper for The Church at Chapelhill. This bumper has been requested and used in dozens of churches this year in various forms. Check out the politically charged bumper below.

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