Custom Media Staff Picks – Spring 2023

Steve Dirks

Our team is passionate about crafting and creating Custom Media content for churches and ministries that serves their unique needs. This summer, we had the privilege of working on several custom design and video projects that we wanted to highlight. In this blog post, we will showcase a few of our favorite projects, demonstrating how we partner with churches to bring their vision to life and effectively communicate the message of Jesus.

Crossway Church

JOEL Series: Crossway Church approached us with their vision for the JOEL series, which focused on God’s judgment and the call for repentance. We carefully designed a sermon series cover that incorporated gradients within the text and dark background, capturing the essence of the theme.

Additionally, we created a custom bumper video that perfectly complemented the series, emphasizing the importance of returning to God.



GOD IN 3 PERSONS Series: Atlantic Shores presented us with the challenge of exploring the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and its practical implications for everyday Christian living. Collaborating closely with their team, we created an artwork that effectively conveyed the theme of “God in 3 Persons.”

This was followed by a powerful bumper video that enhanced the series’ impact and engaged the audience.



A Communion Prayer: Our collaboration with EasyWorship led to the creation of a special video centered around communion. Crafted as a short prayer or reflection, this video served as a reminder of the significance of the bread and cup, representing the body and blood of Jesus. We worked closely with their team to execute their vision, resulting in a final product that was both heartfelt and impactful.


I Speak Jesus Lyric Video: Partnering Doorpost Songs, we collaborated on a unique project for children. The “I Speak Jesus” lyric video was designed to empower kids to declare the name of Jesus in various aspects of their lives. By emphasizing Jesus’ sovereignty and delivering a foundational message, this video provided an inspiring experience for young viewers.



True Story – The Power in Telling God’s: Northbrook Church entrusted us with their True Story series, which aimed to explore the transformative power of sharing personal testimonies. Through our design and video work, we brought life to their series, effectively capturing the essence of personal narratives and showcasing the impact of God’s work in people’s lives.




The 4 Toughest Battles You’ll Ever Face: Our first-time collaboration with Hope City Church involved the creation of a bumper video for their series titled “The 4 Toughest Battles You’ll Ever Face.” With specific instructions to avoid medieval or knight-themed visuals, we crafted a dynamic video that conveyed the battles people face in their daily lives. The video culminated in the series title slide, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.


These are our Custom Media Staff Picks. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering impactful media that effectively communicates the love and teachings of Jesus. Whether it’s through design or video production, we strive for excellence in every project we undertake. If you’re looking to have us partner with you for your next project or explore our long-term partnership options, I would love to set up a meeting and hear about your church and your needs, and brainstorm how our team can help come alongside you. Together, we can craft content that resonates with your audience and compellingly presents Jesus.

Gratefully serving Jesus and His Church,

Steve Dirks
Executive Director



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Steve Dirks is the Executive Director for Church Visuals. He has spent over 10 years serving in different churches serving in lyric presentation, audio, and visual content creation, and helping lead teams of volunteers. Steve lives in Pittsburgh and uses production background to serve Steel City Church. He loves being a father to Mercy & Caleb and a husband to Bekah his amazing wife. He is a huge fan of any sports team in Pittsburgh and of course his hometown South Carolina Gamecocks!

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