How to use OBS and Pro Presenter together for your Online Stream

Steve Dirks

With the release of the PROPRESENTER 7 from Renewed-Vision, you can now utilize OBS and PROPRESENTER to do some amazing things. One such feature that I think is going to be beneficial to churches is the ability to utilize Alpha Keying to place lyrics and graphics over your video program mix using a network connection.
I thought I would write a blog on how to go about this along with what you need to do this in your setting.


1. You need to download OBS on 1 Mac machine. You can download OBS here. You will need to download OBS onto a machine that is capable of capturing the Program Output of your stream feed (OBS MAC).


2. Download NDI Syphon. You can download NDI Syphon for Mac here. You will download NDISyphon on both your OBS MAC and also your PROPRESENTER machine.


3. ProPresenter with an active license. You will need a machine within Renewed Vision specs and have a valid license key.


4. Next, you will create an NDI screen with ProPresenter that matches these settings. In ProPresenter 7 you can now create a new screen, select it to be an NDI screen with the following settings below:

The key here is to enable the ALPHA KEY setting.

5. Once you have completed this you will need to open NDI Syphon and ensure that you see the NDI connection. You will enable that connection to be active. You will notice that you see the lyrics showing up because in ProPresenter 7 a slide with text has been selected.

6. On the OBS Machine do the following:

-Open OBS

-Select the plus button to add an input
First, you will want to add a VIDEO CAPTURE DEVICE and set it to look at the PROGRAM FEED that you have routed into your Machine with whatever capture card you are using.


Then you will setup the ProPresenter Lyrics/Graphics part.

-Select Syphon Client


-label the Input and select ok.


-Then you will want to double click on the input you labeled ProPresenter
-Once you double click into this menu you will see a dropdown box where you can select the NDI source.
OBS will now look like this for you:
Notice here that the PROPRESENTER source needs to be in front of your Video capture source. This will overlay lyrics/graphics over your video.


And now for the finished product. Below is a clip of what this looks like in action. As I click on slides in ProPresenter the NDI sends that signal and overlays it over the video in OBS.
Perfect looking lyrics using an ALPHA KEY.



To do this well there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.
  1. Use a dedicated network for all of this. Do not use a church wireless network that would draw on bandwidth. Make sure you have a dedicated network for the production elements.
  2. Hardwire if at all possible. Hardwiring is best, wireless works but it is not always consistent so if you can hardwire your machines together on a network you will have the best results.
  3. Test this, please don’t just set this up for an event without checking and running through your setup to make sure it works.
  4. Use this to enhance your stream with custom lower thirds and graphics packages. If you need help doing this reach out to me at [email protected].
  5. This solution is not really the best long term solution. If you are interested in doing this long term the best thing is to set up your ProPresenter machine with an output card that can send the 2 signals required (a Key and Fill) to your switcher console and then you can overlay these lyrics through your switcher.


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