How to Use Video Clips in your Announcement Loop

Carl Barnhill

There are a few ways that you can present your Pre and Post Service Announcements. This is the content on screen as people enter and exit your Auditorium or your Livestream.

I covered 5 unique ways you can execute your Pre and Post Service Announcements in this blog post.

In this article, I want to focus more in-depth on how to use Video Clips in your Announcement Loop.

Below is Episode 214 of our Podcast – Making Sunday Happen.

At 32:15 in this Clip is a portion of a workshop I did at SALT Conference. In this portion of the workshop I described in detail how you can use video clips in your Announcement Loop.

To recap:

  • Use Adobe Premiere or Final Cut to edit a piece of footage together.
  • Drop this piece of footage into your Presentation Software.
  • Go into the Editor of your Presentation Software and add Animated Text on top of the footage.
  • Loop your slide or slides in your Presentation Software.


Ideas for Footage and Text Combinations for your Announcement Loop:

  • Welcome to Church Today! (With Footage of Church Life)
  • Register for Student Camp (With Student Camp footage)
  • Join Us for Vacation Bible School (With VBS Footage)
  • Join Us for Church Online (With Footage of Computers and other Devices)
  • You are Invited to Men’s Bible Study (With Bible Study footage or Footage of Men in your Church)
  • Follow Us on Social Media (With Footage of Computers and other Devices)
  • Baptism Sunday (With Footage of past Baptisms)
  • Child Dedication (With Footage of past Child Dedications)
  • Sign Up to Volunteer (With Footage of Volunteers Serving in your Church)
  • Ways to Give (With Footage of Devices or Offering Buckets)

I pray this gives you some practical tools to incorporate footage into your Announcement Loop. Video is more engaging than still images! Use video on your screens every chance you get.

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