What Is A Video Graphics Package?

Carl Barnhill

A Video Graphics Package is a collection of visual elements that can be added to a video production to enhance its overall look and feel.

These elements can include things like:


  • This is usually a :10-20 video intro typically used at the beginning of a video to set the tone and introduce the content. They can include things like logos, animation, and text.

I’ll use our Making Sunday Happen Podcast to show you examples of these elements. Here’s our Show Open:



  • Typically used at the end of a video to wrap up the content and provide any final thoughts or call to action.

Here’s our Show Close:


Lower Third Still and Animations:

  • Text overlays that appear at the bottom of the screen. These can be still graphics or Motion Graphics Animations

Here are just a couple of our Lower Third Elements we use in our Show:


Transitional Elements

  • These are elements used to transition from one segment of the show to the next without having a harsh cut. These elements include what is called an “Alpha Channel” – this is a way it is exported from a Video Producer so that the background is actually transparent. Even though the screen is black, when exported with an Alpha Channel, the black is actually nothing, it is transparent, so that a Video Producer can use to come over top of your camera footage.

  • These are great to use with Sound Effects. Watch and listen to your favorite TV show closely – you’ll notice sound effects and transitional devices used more than you think.

Here are a couple of transitional elements we use in our Podcast:


Segment Transition Elements

  • These can be short sections that highlight and quickly mention action steps for your audience or to let them know about something.

  • These can be simple lines like “Follow Us on Social Media…”, “Learn more about today’s sermon at…”, “Need Prayer? Call us at…”

  • These usually have a transition, then a very short video, then a transition back to your main content.

Here are some examples of what these segments could look like:

So what are some uses for a Graphics Package in your context?

1: Sermons or Television Shows for Broadcast Networks or Television Outlets
  • You may be a church that sends your packaged sermon or service to a television network for broadcast.

  • Creating a Graphics Package for your program can help you produce your sermons quicker and be ready to send them to networks.

2: Podcasts
  • As my examples from our Making Sunday Happen Podcast show you, you can produce a Graphics Package for your podcasts to create a consistent look and feel.

3: Conferences
  • We have created many Graphics Packages for conferences for ministries like Awana, KidzMatter, That Church Conference, the Church Online Summit, Mental Health Summit and more.

  • You might have a conference at your church or with your ministry that a Graphics Package would be a great fit for.

  • For Conferences, our team can produce a Graphics Package, but you might also think through our team creating Promotional Videos, Social Media Videos, Speaker Intros, and other elements that would brand your content together.


Graphics Packages can provide a “template” for your Video Producer to work within so that there is consistency for every show and to take your production to the next level.

Having a Graphics Package produced can also save you a lot of money. Our team can produce a Graphics Package for you a one time cost. With this path, you can create template elements so that you are not spending more money each time you produce an “episode” of your program.

If you need help at your church or ministry having one created for you, we would love to help. You can start a Custom Media Project here, choose VIDEO, then choose VIDEO GRAPHICS PACKAGE from our list of items and tell us about your project.


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