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Carl Barnhill is a creative entrepreneur, motion designer and author. He is the Founder and Owner of Church Visuals, a company that helps Ministry Leaders visually communicate the Gospel. He has served in ministry for 20 years working at some of the largest and most influential churches and ministries in the country including Newspring Church, Pinelake Church and Precept Ministries International. He is a popular speaker and podcast guest. He is the host of the Your Visuals Matter Podcast. You can find him in Columbia, South Carolina with his wife, Katie and two sons, Jacob and Wesley.



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Carl has spoken on a variety of topics including Visual Media in the Church, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Using AI in Ministry, Volunteer Culture and more. The most frequent topic Carl speaks to is the use of Visual Media and how to use graphics and video to visually communicate the Gospel to adults, kids and students. Below are suggested questions for Carl for your next guest interview.

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  • Why do visuals matter when it comes to presenting the Gospel to people of all ages?
  • Is using visual media to present the Gospel biblical?
  • How can visual media help make the Gospel more memorable?
  • What trends are you seeing with churches staffing creative ministry positions?
  • What are some easy first steps for my church to take to enhance our visual media?
  • What presentation software do you recommend?
  • What is the best way to get media content for my church legally?
  • What types of Ready-Made visuals should I use at my church?
  • Why should ministry leaders invest in Custom Media created specifically for their church or ministry? Is it worth it?
  • What have you seen make the biggest impact from your team creating visuals for churches and ministries?