The Blackbar Podcast | Season 2 | Episode 7

Adobe’s New Beta Features Are Insane!

Show Notes

In this episode, Adobe’s New Beta Features Are Insane, the guys lose their minds over the exciting new Adobe software features showcased at this year’s Adobe Max event!

They also circle back to last week’s conversation to tie in how Meta’s new social personality AI can impact the way we create social content. They break down how the technology used for the recent Toy Story Funday Football. How the broadcast could help churches approach children’s ministry in a new way.

The guys also revisit last week’s conversation, integrating Meta’s groundbreaking personality AI into the narrative. In addition, they explore its potential impact on social content creation. Furthermore, they talk through how this technology could redefine the way we craft our online personas.

Shifting gears, the discussion moves into the recent groundbreaking Toy Story Funday Football broadcast. Drawing parallels between this cutting-edge broadcast technology and children’s ministry, the hosts unpack how churches could embrace a new approach to engaging younger congregants.

Furthermore, they reference pertinent articles on Meta’s new personality AI and the Toy Story collaboration with football, the hosts navigate the exhilarating crossroads of technology, creativity, and community engagement.

Join The Blackbar Podcast for an episode where Adobe’s latest announcements ignite the imagination, Meta’s AI revolutionizes social content, and innovative broadcast tech inspires new avenues for children’s ministry. Tune in for a exploration of the forefront of tech and creativity.

Today’s Articles:

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