The Blackbar Podcast | Season 2 | Episode 1

AI Is Coming for Hollywood. Is It Coming for Churches Next?

Show Notes

Welcome to the Blackbar podcast season 2! In this episode, AI Is Coming for Hollywood, Caleb, Nick, & Zach kick things off by discussing some of the good, the bad, and the ugly of new AI applications. They also talk about the value is for church creatives of present and future AI tools.

They also talk Davinci Resolve 18.5, Threads vs. X vs. Tik Tok, and potential implications of the Hollywood SAG-AFTRA strikes.

In this episode, the Blackbar Podcast delves into the intriguing ways AI is making its mark within the church community. AI has emerged as a powerful tool for churches, aiding in various aspects of outreach, engagement, and communication.

From implementing AI-powered chatbots for enhanced visitor experiences to leveraging data analytics for understanding congregation preferences, the use of AI in churches is steadily evolving. Caleb, Nick, and Zach explore these innovative applications. They highlight how AI is transforming the way churches function.

Join us in this episode as we unravel the innovative ways in which AI, along with tools like Davinci Resolve, Threads, and TikTok, is empowering churches to connect, engage, and share the timeless message of hope and faith in compelling ways.”



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A partner podcast from our friends at Blackbar - a group of church media professionals tired of the status quo. Good media and marketing is used to grow businesses around the world every day. They believe these tools can be used to spread the gospel and are here to show you how.

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