The Church Communications Podcast | Season 9 | Episode 7

Navigating the Changing Landscape of Church Communication

Show Notes

Welcome to the Church Communications Evolution Podcast with your host Katie Allred and co-host Carl Barnhill. Today we are talking about navigating the changing landscape of church communication with Sallie Guillory. In other words, a voice leading in the landscape of church communication!

So join Sallie, a seasoned communication director, as she unravels insights and unveils strategies to keep you steps ahead in adopting the latest communication methods.

This episode serves essentially as a guide, whether you’re a pastor, church leader, or communications director, offering actionable tips for effective adaptation in church communication.

Explore the dynamic world of evolving communication trends and discover how to leverage them for your church community. Sallie shares from her wealth of experience, providing practical advice suitable for both beginners and seasoned communicators.

From embracing digital platforms to crafting compelling messages, we’ve got your church communication needs covered. Tune in to stay ahead of the curve and create meaningful connections with your congregation.

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The Church Communications Podcast trains church leaders to grow their church through communication and marketing strategy, as well as online church strategy. is designed to help church communications professionals communicate well to their local churches.

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The Church Communications Podcast is designed to help you and your church effectively communicate with your congregation and community. Church Communications helps churches tell their story effectively, so you can reach your community with the gospel.

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