Conversations with Kids Worship Leaders | Season 2 | Episode 3

A Conversation with Charley Talley

Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of CONVERSATIONS with Kids Worship Leaders, Season Two! In this installment, your host, Carl Barnhill, engages in an enlightening dialogue with Charley Talley. She is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of CM Worship.

Join them as they uncover the incredible journey that led Charley from the mountains of East Tennessee to the forefront of innovative kids’ worship experiences. In this heartwarming conversation, Carl and Charley delve into the origins of CM Worship. Exploring its foundation and the mission to make worship a collective, engaging activity for kids. Charley, drawing from her rich background, shares her experiences in establishing, leading, and directing thriving Kids Choir and Teen Choir ministries. Some involving even up to 300 students and 100 volunteers.

So discover the vital importance of visuals in kids worship as Carl and Charley discuss the challenges and triumphs of capturing the attention, minds, and hearts of young worshippers. CM Worship’s unique approach ensures that every child contributes to creating a church’s distinct expression of God’s story. From vocals that encourage individuality to interactive elements keeping the focus on Christ, Charley provides valuable insights into crafting transformative worship experiences.

As the episode unfolds, gain a deeper understanding of Charley’s commitment to engaging kids on their level. In fact this is how her background in music and leadership has influenced CM Worship. Helping in their dedication to instilling the Gospel within the hearts of children.

Join Carl and Charley for a captivating conversation that seamlessly weaves Charley’s inspiring bio with the vision and mission of CM Worship. It’s an episode filled with wisdom and passion for creating impactful kids’ worship experiences. Don’t miss out!



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Conversations with Kids Worship Leaders is a limited series podcast where Carl Barnhill casually sits down with leading artists to discuss how they use visuals in kids worship.

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