Conversations with Kids Worship Leaders | Season 2 | Episode 2

A Conversation with Keith Melious

Show Notes

Here’s a new episode on Season Two of CONVERSATIONS with Kids Worship Leaders. Our host Carl Barnhill engages in a dynamic conversation with Keith Melious, the Music Director at CM Worship.

Keith’s extensive career, spans over 30 years of arranging, producing, and recording music. And it has taken him through diverse environments, from the deep rural landscapes of East Texas to the suburban music scene of Brentwood, TN.

In this captivating discussion, Carl and Keith explore the fascinating journey that led Keith to work in churches of varying sizes. Some more intimate gatherings of 100 people, to expansive congregations of 10,000 per weekend. Showcasing the breadth of his experience in the field. Uncover the insights gained from his rich background, where he honed his skills in creating impactful worship experiences that resonate across different settings.

Dive into the origins of CM Worship with Keith as he shares the company’s mission to make worship a collective and engaging activity for kids. Drawing from his extensive expertise, Keith emphasizes the importance of visuals in kids worship. Aligning with CM Worship’s commitment to encouraging individual expression through vocals, resonant lyrics, and interactive elements.

Discover how Keith’s approach, ensuring that every voice and movement contributes to a church’s unique expression of God’s story. Keith’s journey has equipped him to offer valuable insights into crafting worship experiences that capture the hearts and minds of children.

Join Carl and Keith for this conversation that blends Keith’s rich bio with CM Worship’s vision. A vision which is to provide a blueprint for creating transformative and engaging kids’ worship experiences. Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode!



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Conversations with Kids Worship Leaders is a limited series podcast where Carl Barnhill casually sits down with leading artists to discuss how they use visuals in kids worship.

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