The Kidmin Tribe Podcast | Episode 005

Engaging Kids To Service with Dave and Jess Ray

Show Notes


This week on the show we have Dave and Jess Ray, the founders of Doorpost Songs! They are incredible friends of 12:30 Kids and the Kidmin Tribe Podcast. 

Dave and Jess are worship leaders from Houston, TX and the founders of Doorpost songs, a ministry that creates Scripture-based worship songs and resources for the church and for the home.

They have been in ministry together since college and have served on a church staff for 16 years. They’ve released nearly 40 Scripture songs and have a growing collection of kid-friendly versions of some of today’s most popular worship music. They are passionate about supporting both ministry leaders and parents by providing them with excellent scripture-based resources to raise up a new generation of worshippers.

On the podcast we really dig into the importance of equipping and raising kids to serve in the church, and what that looks like. You will see the passion they have for worship, and you are also going to love their heart to raise kids up for ministry and the practical ideas they share with us on the podcast.

This podcast will be encouraging and challenging. Share this podcast with every Kidmin leaders you know.


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