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11 Social Media Mistakes that Churches Make with Josh Blankenship

Show Notes

Show Notes:

This week on the podcast, I welcome my friend Josh Blankenship. Josh is the host of The Creative Church Show – a podcast with tips, tricks and shortcuts to make church media easy. Be sure to check it out. He also offers great insights on leadership, technology, and social media on his blog at This week, Josh and I dive into the world of social media and discuss 11 mistakes churches are making when it comes to their platforms. Josh gives tons of valuable information and ideas for you to use at your church.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

1. Sharing Content that sucks.

2. Not using images.

3. Forgetting your church is not full of robots.

4. Being inconsistent.

5. Not sharing.

6. Inconsistent design

7. Posting too much.

8. Ignoring mentions and comments.

9. Not being strategic on when to post.

10. Playing the short game.

11. Not measuring impact.


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11 Social Media Mistakes that Churches Make

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11 Social Media Mistakes that Churches Make

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Suggested Tweet: "A good rule of thumb for your church on Twitter - post 4-6 tweets per day. @jdb_creative @twelve30media"

Suggested Tweet: "Ask your pastor for a copy of his personal sermon notes to use as social media content during the week. @jdb_creative @twelve30media"

Suggested Tweet: "Respond to comments and questions from you followers quickly. Stay engaged. @jdb_creative @twelve30media"

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