The Youth Room Podcast | Season 1 | Episode 11

New Year “New Room”

Show Notes

Episode 11: We are almost done with the first month of 2019. You probably set a handful of resolutions for the New Year (on paper, or in your head!) and you may or may not have already fallen off of the wagon.

Regardless, that new and freshness can still be achieved in your Youth Room. In this episode the guys discuss just a few ways you can freshen up and bring new life to your meeting space.

With just a few simple ideas and not dipping too far into your shiny new budget, you could really change things up in your ministry. Take a listen and give us some feed back!

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The Youth Room Podcast is a legacy show for youth pastors, youth workers and anyone involved in student ministry. With their humor and unique style, veterans Trevor Miller and Daniel "stallion" Stevanus offer practical advice to help you produce powerful student worship experiences at your church.

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