The Youth Room Podcast | Season 1 | Episode 16

4 Games You Can Play with a Penny

Show Notes

Episode 16: We have all had that “uh-oh” moment. We are in need of a game and we don’t know what to do. Maybe just didn’t get to it in our planning, maybe we forgot to pick up the resources needed or maybe something came up, and you need a game -FAST!

Today we are going to give you 4 game ideas that you can pull off in no time. You wont need much more than a penny! These ideas are cheap, quick, easy but also a ton of fun!

So empty your pockets, find some spare change and check out these games!

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The Youth Room Podcast is a legacy show for youth pastors, youth workers and anyone involved in student ministry. With their humor and unique style, veterans Trevor Miller and Daniel "stallion" Stevanus offer practical advice to help you produce powerful student worship experiences at your church.

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