The Youth Room Podcast | Season 1 | Episode 15

My Bad

Show Notes

Episode 15: If you are in ministry for any length of time, and if you are in student ministry for at least a week, YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES. I like to think of it as “a part of the job.” Besides accepting this, there really are a few practical steps that you can take to ensure these moments are handled well and not wasted.

Join the conversations as Trevor and Stallion talk to us about what to do when we fail.

As sinful human beings, we have time and time again harmed ourselves, others and our relationship to a holy God. Through our selfish choices, we found ourselves in need of a rescue by someone getter then ourselves, to pay a debt we could never could. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection once and for all paid for our short comings and made us right with God. Perfect to use as a service opener, sermon bumper or transitional element in your worship services.
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The Youth Room Podcast is a legacy show for youth pastors, youth workers and anyone involved in student ministry. With their humor and unique style, veterans Trevor Miller and Daniel "stallion" Stevanus offer practical advice to help you produce powerful student worship experiences at your church.

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