Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 12

How to Use Ready-Made Church Graphics

Show Notes

Welcome to a very practical episode of Your Visuals Matter, where we’ll talk about how to use Ready-Made church graphics. In this show we’ll dive into how to best edit and use designed graphics for church visuals. Our speakers engage in a dynamic conversation, underlining the significance of high-quality graphics in effectively conveying the gospel message. They advocate for a strategic partnership with professional designers, emphasizing the transformative impact this collaboration can have on visual communication.

In the episode, we shift our focus to the practical aspects of using Ready-Made Church Graphics. Explore the versatility of Announcement Graphics, Sermon Series Graphics, and Social Media Graphics. Learn the essential steps of choosing, downloading, editing, and seamlessly implementing these graphics across various platforms—from your services and website to social media and beyond.

As a special treat, we welcome key members of our Church Visuals Team to the podcast. Like our Lead Designer, Angie Lomas, along with the creative minds of Jason Maric and Rodney Truitt. The primary goal is to share invaluable tips on harnessing the potential of Ready-Made Graphics in your church. Discover what’s available, learn what to look for, and gain insights into editing graphics tailored to your ministry’s context.

Tune in for a some great expert advice on maximizing the use of Ready-Made Church Graphics.



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Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill is a weekly podcast for ministry leaders who want to use the power of visual media to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cover how to incorporate church graphics and video into your church or ministry. From creativity in the Church to how to choose and use your presentation software and more.

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