Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 22

Repurposing your Sermon Series to Live Beyond Sunday

Show Notes

Welcome to a new episode of the Your Visuals Matter Podcast. In this episode we are talking about repurposing your sermon series to live beyond Sunday.

In this insightful conversation, Josh Givens from 614 Ministries delves into the power of visuals to amplify sermon series beyond Sunday. He highlights the effectiveness of video content on social media platforms and emphasizes the benefits of creating reels and short videos to capture attention.

Moreover, he underscores the impact of quote graphics on social media. He provides valuable tips for leveraging YouTube, including clipping sermons and creating YouTube shorts. He also suggests utilizing AI tools like Opus Clip and Canva Pro for efficient editing.

Our guest also recommends exploring ready-made content and templates to streamline the process. However, he stresses the importance of maintaining high-quality visuals and a consistent brand identity for churches.

Ultimately, this conversation offers practical insights for churches seeking to extend the reach of their sermon series through visuals and social media. By leveraging various platforms and tools, churches can engage their communities more effectively.

Join us as we uncover the transformative power of visual media in conveying the timeless message of the gospel. Tune in to gain practical tips and inspiration for leveraging visuals in your ministry journey.



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Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill is a weekly podcast for ministry leaders who want to use the power of visual media to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cover how to incorporate church graphics and video into your church or ministry. From creativity in the Church to how to choose and use your presentation software and more.

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