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1 Corinthians – We Are The Church

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As Paul writes to the people living in Corinth, he is careful to address specific issues going on in the life of that community of believers. His instruction, however, is incredibly helpful for churches today as we struggle to learn to live in unity with one another. The Church of Jesus is a global movement that must discover how to represent the Savior in its own context and community. Paul offers insight into many of the tensions that existed then as well as now. This 5-week Series is a perfect series to awaken your congregation to discover how to live as the Church of Jesus.

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What's Included

Video Content

Series Trailer (Two Weeks)
Series Trailer (Next Week)
Sermon Bumper
5-Minute Countdown
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Welcome Motion
Closing Motion
Scripture Motion
Worship Background 01
Worship Background 02
Worship Background 03

Title Graphics

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Title Still
Welcome Still
Closing Still
Scripture Still
Teaching Still 01
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Social Media Content

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Bonus Content

Teaching Outline
Postcard Design
Bulletin Cover