4 Things to Consider When Adapting Ideas from Other Churches

Josh Williams

I recently wrote an article entitled “Just Because It Worked At Their Church Doesn’t Mean It Will Work At Yours.” While that article focused on creating your own elements, it would be ignorant to not take ideas from other churches and organizations at times. We are all on the same team- we don’t all need to reinvent the wheel at each church or campus. Some things we should collaborate on. Sites like churchstagedesignideas.com and seriesideas.com are treasure troves for ideas.


Consider these filters when adapting ideas from other churches to use at your church:

1. You are seeing their final, polished product. Not the original rough draft.

Your first attempt is not going to look like their final product. Don’t get discouraged when the stage design you saw online doesn’t look like what you just started building. It is often said, “don’t compare someone else’s social media life with your real life.” The same applies here.

When you listen to live worship albums, you aren’t hearing the first week of rehearsals when the vocalists hit the wrong notes, or the guitarist comes in at the wrong time. You are hearing the product of weeks, months, and sometimes years of tweaking and perfecting.

2. Ask Questions.

Not sure how a church got a certain look? Reach out to them! Most of the time, the person you are asking will gladly walk you through any questions you have. If you are like me- I don’t understand LED tape. I have a friend at a nearby church who is great with it. So I asked him, and he walked me through until I understood what I was doing.

Is your church using another church’s series, but their graphics aren’t available for download? Contact their creative department and ask. Many times they will gladly send it over because they understand the fact that we are all on the same team, competing with the Enemy, not each other.

3. Put Your Own Spin on It.

Going back to my previous article, just because it worked there doesn’t mean it will work the same way at your church. So feel free to put your own artistic touch to it. You know your people. At my church, our stage is too low to truly utilize blinders, but many of the designs I see use them. So I have to put my own touch to it to allow it to fit our venue.

A church nearby used one of my old stage designs. And I love the fact that they put their own touch on it. They used the exact pieces I used, but they utilized them differently because it fit their venue and congregation better.

Don’t be a lone wolf in your ministry. Utilize those that have been there before. Don’t simply copy and expect the same results- but don’t be afraid to ask how someone else did what you are thinking about.  

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