Design And Video Checklist For Every Sermon Series

Carl Barnhill

The Design and Video Elements are very important to every Sermon Series at your church. Even if your pastor preaches verse by verse, I would still suggest you present the content in the form of a series to keep things visually interesting.

Your Series Graphics and Video should be used not only on Sundays, but during the week as well to promote your series on Social Media.

You might produce your Graphics and Video in-house with your team.

If your team needs some help with producing these elements, we would love to help you produce these for you.

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Or our Series Boxes come with everything you need for a Series at your church already pre-made for you.

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Whether your team produces your Series Media or you use our team, I’ve provided a helpful checklist for Every Sermon Series of things you might be sure to make below. Having this Checklist to go by can help save you time later to know what you might need to produce for every Series without forgetting anything. You might not need everything on this list for every series, but it will at least give you a plan of attack.


  • Main Sermon Series Design as a Photoshop or Illustrator File

  • Title Still

  • Welcome Still

  • Closing Still

  • “Blank” Teaching Graphics

  • Social Media Squares

  • Social Media Story Graphics

  • Web Banner

  • Facebook Cover

  • Twitter Cover

  • Postcard Design

  • Bulletin Cover


  • Series Trailers

    • Next Week

    • Two Weeks

  • Sermon Bumper

  • 5-Minute Countdown

  • Title Motion

  • Welcome Motion

  • Closing Motion

  • Blank Motion Backgrounds

  • Blank Social Media Motions



Check out an example of all these matching series Design and Video elements could look from our Series Box FRESH OFF THE VINE here.


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