The Connected Church News | Episode 200

TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Google // Week 2, May 2023

Show Notes

Top 5 Digital, Social Media & Web3 News in 5 mins (Week 2, May 2023). Welcome to Connected Church News! This is a weekly news video for leaders and media teams of Churches, Ministries, Nonprofits, and Faith-based Social Ventures. 

The Gospel can be visually communicated by churches through TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Google, expanding outreach and connecting with diverse audiences. TikTok enables engaging short-form videos, fostering relatability and creativity. YouTube serves as a hub for longer, more in-depth content, allowing churches to delve into teachings and discussions.

Facebook offers a versatile platform, facilitating live streams and community engagement through groups and events. Google, with its search engine and ad capabilities, aids in reaching seekers actively seeking spiritual content.

Through the utilization of these platforms, the Gospel can be visually showcased, encouraging passive consumption and fostering active engagement. The sharing, watching, and discovery of content amplify the message’s reach. A multi-faceted approach is provided by transitioning between these platforms, catering to various preferences and demographics.

Audiences find themselves captivated through visual storytelling, leading to a passive absorption of spiritual messages. The Gospel is made accessible, resonating with individuals across digital landscapes. In this manner, the Gospel is visually communicated, fostering connections, and impacting lives in diverse and profound ways.

This podcast episode is tech news for churches for Week 2 May 2023.



A Weekly Show with the Top 5 News in 5 Mins – Digital, Social Media & Web3 News you need to know each week. Exclusively packaged for busy leaders of Nonprofits, Churches, Christian ministries, and Faith-based Organizations. Follow more to stay connected.

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In The Connected Church News Podcast, Natchi Lazarus shares Digital Marketing, Social Media & Web3 news, strategies, and tips. All for Nonprofits, Churches and Faith-based organizations.

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