The Making Sunday Happen Podcast | Episode 429

Winning the War of your Mind with Craig Groeschel

Show Notes

Show Notes:

Craig will be talking with us about his book Winning the War in Your Mind for Teens is out now. 

This episode is a big one as it will be our last episode with a new guest. And what a privilege to have pastor Craig Groeschel.

Together we’ll talk about the book Winning the War in Your Mind and also about how to have longevity in ministry, his best advice for new pastors and ministry leaders and more.

Next week’s final episode of Making Sunday Happen will be a retrospective on the show with some clips from the last few years of guests – you don’t want to miss our big ending celebration.

We are changing our name from Twelve Thirty Media to Church Visuals. We are so excited about this move.

Church Visuals is our new name and brand and It will feature over 30,000 pieces of Ready-Made Media that you can download instantly.

You can also come to us for Custom Media.

And as it relates to this podcast, we leading up to closing out this podcast with Episode 430. Fear not though, we are massively expanding our training library. More podcasts, courses, webinars, articles, books and more, including a new weekly show with our host Carl Barnhill. 

All coming soon to


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