Your Visuals Matter with Carl Barnhill | Season 1 | Episode 14

How to Enhance your Pre and Post Announcement Loop

Show Notes

Welcome to this episode of Your Visuals Matter. We’re diving into the dynamic world of using media content on your screens to enhance the worship experience, both before and after the service.

We’ll discuss some of the different approaches. Like using Still Graphics, set to loop seamlessly, a staple of pre-service and post-service visuals. To considering a more dynamic touch, using short, self-contained Motion Graphics. These eye-catching animations add flair and can also be seamlessly looped in your presentation software.

Additionally, you can try adding footage from your church for a personal touch, showcasing the impact of your ministry. From smiling faces to community outreach, highlight the heart of your church through video snippets, creating an immersive experience for your congregation.

We’ll be joined by Brad Christian, production director at Freedom House, who will be sharing insights into his church’s journey, the role of the creative team, and the power of freelance contractors. We’ll discuss these different announcement as well as the importance of motion graphics. Brad provides invaluable perspectives on elevating your visual storytelling.

Discover the transformative potential of motion and video in your service’s announcement loops. Engage your congregation, tell your church’s story, and take your worship experience to the next level.

Tune in and unlock the power of high-quality visuals in communicating the heart of your ministry.



  • Freedom House is a church with a mission to reach people and create engaging worship experiences.
  • Working with freelance contractors allows the creative team to handle the volume of content and bring in specialized skills.
  • Motion graphics in announcement loops can be more visually appealing and engaging than still graphics.
  • Choosing talent for announcements should align with the storytelling goals and vision of the church.
  • Creating an effective announcement preview involves storytelling, engaging visuals, and a campaign mindset.
  • High-quality visuals are important in conveying the message and impact of the church.



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