On-Demand Webinar

How to Customize Ready-Made Graphics


In this webinar, How To Customize Ready-Made Graphics, Mark Harvard, the Director of Marketing at Church Visuals, talks about how easy it is to customize the ready-made content from Church Visuals.  Mark discusses the importance of aligning church visuals with the overall brand and atmosphere of your church.

He emphasizes the common practice of churches investing in branding to ensure visual consistency both inside and outside the church. Mark brings up a specific theme pack called “The Gardener“, as well as other examples, and provides insights into how churches can use customized ready-made visuals for social media posts and in service graphics.

He demonstrates the ease of customization using graphic editing programs like Photoshop and highlights various options for engagement posts.  Customizing ready made content is easy for all ability levels and budgets with Church Visuals!



The series “The Gardener” explores spiritual growth through the metaphor of gardening. We have included an entire slate of video and graphics to help you visually communicate the story of Easter at your church.